“What Would You Do?”


Friendships are tested, pasts are re-lived, careers are put on the line, and love lives are entangled in Irene Melo’s emotional new novel, What Would You Do?

The long awaited sequel to 2007’s How Far Would You Go? finds Jazzman Garcia struggling to make sense of life  after her mother’s tragic death the year before.  She delves into her past to search for the source of her internal conflict, but comes out with more questions, including doubts about her reasons for accepting a marriage proposal from Afrique, a celebrity in the music industry. 

Her relationship with fiancé Afrique, a successful musician, becomes a question as Jazzman continues fighting her attraction to her best friend, Tyson.

Add to that her masked attraction to her best friend, Tyson, and tabloid headlines claiming that Afrique is cheating on her, and the situation escalates to an explosive climax.

Meanwhile, Jazzman’s friends Tyson and Kim each cope with their own precarious situations. Kim is finally flourishing in a healthy but long distance relationship...can he be the one?  While Tyson wrestles with his romantic feelings toward Jazzman, he must decide whether to accept a job promotion that will take him to New York City—and away from Jazzman. Can Tyson and Jazzman's friendship survive a competitive promotion, a long distance move, or even...love?

A worthy sequel to its predecessor, What Would You Do? continues all the real-life drama and enduring friendships that readers have grown to love in Irene Melo’s work.



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