“How Far Would You Go?”


Love, passion, spirituality and musical talent individually are wonderful characteristics to posses but when you mix them together what you come up with is a story about a young
Hispanic woman, Jazzman Garcia, trying to make it in the music industry.

Struggling to make sense of life after her mother's recent death, Jazzman takes solace
in her spirituality to soothe her feelings of loneliness, but when she catches the eye
of her favorite Jamaican artist, Afrique, there's no telling what her weak heart will do. 
After spending a sensual and erotic evening together, there seems to be a
deeper connection than just a one night stand.

Jazzman's best friend Tyson, 'the playa', has wanted Jazzman for years,
but she is afraid that this could ruin their deep friendship.
Will things change when Jazzman's record label sends her to Jamaica for Sumfest?
Will Jazzman find Afrique too good to be true ~ OR ~ Will Tyson reveal deeper feelings for Jazzman.



Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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